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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 23, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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marianne. >> reporter: well the student was suspended. and now investigators are trying to determine whether he really did plan to carry out his threats. administers say yesterday yesterday morning several students at saratoga high school overheard as classmate saying he intended to calls violence during the final weeks at school. they reported comments to a teacher a later the school resource officer arrested the student for making criminal threats. >> i was kind of surprised because i don't expect it to happen at saratoga because we're not known for violence. >> stunlts tell us the boy is a senior. any also say about two weeks ago he started dressing different. >> he kind ever dressed up like the columbine students. >> and some students say the boy also talked about guns. now santa clair county sheriff deputies are conducting extra patrols at the high school. parents we talked with are happy to see the added security.
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>> this is the best school that we are sending. if something bad happens here that is a bit scarey. >> the principal sent this email to parents letting them know about the incident. he said students are taught if they see or hear something say something. that's exactly what they do. the sheriffs department is not releasing the name of the boy us he is under 18 years old. but they do say they will continue the patrols here at the high school. until further notice. reporting live in saratoga, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you marianne. now to continuing coverage of the manafort terror attack. the death toll stands at 22. following that suicide bombing at ariana grande concert in england. among the dead an 8-year-old girl. 22-year-old salman abedi has been identified by the bomber responsible. he is a british citizen of libyan did he scent living in south manchester.
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the investigator continue noose whether he acted alone. today british prime minister raised the terror threat level to the highest. she warned another attack could be imminent. i want to show you a map here. you can see the explosion area is between the arena and victoria station. the fear here? the bay area is the setup in manafort is similar to the oakland coliseum where the a's and raiders play. this is a bafrt station right next to it the venue. scott budman joins us where fans are getting ready for the fwa game. it is the easy access to the stadium that has law enforcement worried. >> reporter: yeah, that's right jessica. things have been smooth so far. fans have been arriving here for the a's game tonight for about an hour. and no problems yet. but there is extra security in place tonight. because of what happened last night. it's a beautiful tuesday night
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at the oakland coliseum, free parking and a good crowd ahead of the game. but the tragedy in manchester is being felt here, and there are security concerns. >> i think we need a little more security in our games, concerts. and that stuff here. >> the a's agree. >> we'll talk to the staff to be more observant what's coming in. >> starting font, a vp a david operations is said officers will be patrolling the the especially on the outskirts of the coliseum where they'll be looking for suspicious activity and checking to make sure nothing dangerous is planted or brought inside. >> tonight we'll continue to do that with the screening and metal detection. but in addition tonight we'll be adding more officers roaming around the perimeter outside to ensure that things are going well. >> oakland fans we spoke to say,
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they understand and don't mind the extra officers. >> that all has to be under control. that's good if somebody is taking care of things and making sure we are all safe we all feel better. >> people should learn that's the way life is unfortunately these days. >> now we checked in a few minutes ago with security at the coliseum. they say things have been smooth over. but they will keep the oakland plofrz here the rest of the seasons. . nb bay area news. >> thank you scott. coverage of the concert attack continues at 6:30. taking you live to manchester for a live report with the latest developments. that's coming nup 25 minutes. after years of having shortage of drinking water. east palo alto might be getting relief. in a meeting scheduled to start in a few minutes mountain view city council is expected to agree to transfer water rights to east palo alto, a million gallons each day. you might recall our story last year which raised questions about the arrangement that gave
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certain wealth peninsula cities rights to water from the reservoir but gave less water allocation to poor and ethnically diverse communities. the situation is so dire for east palo alto that officials have had to turn away businesses because there isn't enough water. tonight that could change. if the city council votes as expectsed to approve the transfer, the cost to east palo alto a one time fee of $5 mal. >> the player of a football played guilty of rape. a young woj last summer said a football players assaulted her during the varsity football game. the girl is a student at the high school across the street. the boy who whose identity is being withheld was found guilty in juvenile court p he can be confined to juvenile hall the remainder of youth. >> for the first time ever san
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francisco public defenders are representing immigrants facing deportation. this means with guidance here these city lawyers many immigrants will be allowed to remain in the country. nbc bay area mark maupgts joins us from the immigration courthouse in the san francisco with the major shift. mark. >> reporter: raj, for the majority of the people being detained right now for immigration violations, in new development means there is at least some hope that they'll be able to remain in the u.s. an estimated 60% of the people picked up by the border patrol or immigration are being held without access to lawyer. in immigration court, there is no right to a lawyer if you can't afford one. >> immigration court is like traffic court with death penalty consequences. >> public defender is quoting there the president of the president of the national association of immigration judges. >> you can be deported to a
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country where you might be jailed or killed you have the right to a lawyer. >> three lawyers from the office are going to be lining up from the immigration court to represent nerch who can't afford counsel. saying the chances of a detainee being allowed to remain in the u.s. goes up 70% if they have a lawyer. >> we have a planned program of mass deportation larger number of arrests, larger number of detensions larger number of attempted remove willing we're here to stop that. >> also in line this afternoon an attorney who in 1976 started a similar program paid for by a federally funded non-profit. >> of course, the federal government then prohibited federal funds being used in that regard and so for almost 40 years there have been nobody to represent indigent respondents facing deportation. it's a fantastic move. >> the three lawyers from the public defender's office will be paid out of $200,000 in salary
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savings that has been amassed by the public defender. coming up at 6:30 tonight, the very personal stories of people who have been caught up in in system without the benefit of legal counsel. that story brought to you at 6:30 by our investigative reporter stephen stock. reporting from san francisco mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. also new at 6:00 three plor years that's what raiders owner is asking turbalameda county he needs time before he bolts to las vegas pfrp today nfl owner approved the leave for the stadium scheduled to open in 2020. davis is lobbying oakland and alameda county foernlss work out a deal that would lou the raiders to play at the coliseum. right now it's only for the next two zbloonz if you live in the east bay you know dublin high school is bursting at the seems. the student population is growing and there is not enough
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room. but a lot of folks are upset about the plan to build a new school because of what building it would be the neighbor to. take a look at the proposed site. right across the street, the brand new east county hall of justice right behind it the santa rita jail. the peggy bunker is where parents are gathering for the school board hearing they say it's too close to that situation. >> you know jess a lot of parents are saying we are at the school board meeting got moved to dublin high school to the sports facility to accommodate all the parapets lining up outside before we came inside. the santaright an jail is one of the largest jails in the state, third largest in the state fifth largest in the country. houses about 4,000 inmates that's why parents say they want it somewhere else. >> kids safety is always number one concern. >> high school across from the santa rita jail. if the dublin unified school district votes yes on a purchase agreement the second largest
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high school could be built a half mile from the jail. >> why would you put a high school across from a prison, the fifth largest prison in the united states releasing inmates throughout the day, dozens of inmates every week? people that are sex offenders basically former criminals being released. >> the new high school would take over the zeitz building down the road from where the majorities of people arrested in alameda county end up. >> we've been in contact with the sheriff and done research on crime data. and we are not finding that that area is a high crime area at all. >> the school district is expecting to get an earful from parents tonight. and to accommodate the crowds they've moved the board meeting to the high school gym. despite the push back they believe the location is a good one. >> i am a mom. i have two kids that went -- grew up in dublin. i know where the jail is. our city is two miles wide and seven miles long and this jail is close to a lot of things. >> the zeitz site is affordable, the district says, because the
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infrastructure is already there. it's expected to cost about $110 million to turn the office park into a high school. now there is an elementary school that is somewhat similar distance to the jail. the school district tells me that that school and the jail have peacefully co-existed the past 17 years. in dublin peggy bunker nbc bay area news. up up next at 6:00 crash and burn. take a look. incredible video of flames dangerously close to a gas station after a tanker trunk overturned in the central valley. hold on to your steering wheel the warning from drivers along away 58 85 in south san jose we'll show you what's called the dip coming up next. >> meteorologist jeff ranieri everything from a chilly 55 in san francisco to 81 in walnut creek. i'll let you know about the bigger cooldown in the are forecasts, 6:40 tonight.
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z sees sees krrp it )s this stretch of road on
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highway 85 - in the south bay - harass. well drivers call the dip tp it's a stretch of road on whey 85 in south bay that makes them worry they'll go airborne. but there is good news. the fix is on. nbc damion truly owe joins us live in san jose. the dip, huh. >> yeah it's not far from where we're standing. along highway 85. these cars headed in that direction towards the dip that area most people in south san
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jose seem to be talking about. this is a stretch of roadway that drivers say has been getting progressively worse over the last few weeks. >> i'm more of a one hand kind of girl. during that time i'm a two-hand girl. >> the dip is actually a couple of dips along highway 85 northbound and southbound near the 1010 entertaining. >> it's going to back up traffic more. and again possibly more you know more crashes. >> workers tell me the winter storms seem to be the cause of the dips. but caltrans says it's unclear why this happened. engineering will investigate over the coming days to see if it's a construction issue or if it's weather related. caltrans is now shutting down this stretch of roadway overnight until the middle of june to make emergency repairs. >> it can be dangerous sometimes when you're going the speed limit and the big dips and you have to stop auchlds. can be dangerous. >> caltrans workers tell me the
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storms damaged a lot of roadways that has them scrambling to make repairs in santa clair county. the state estimates repairing roads after the winter will cost up to $1.3 billion. and at last count it is estimated roughly 11,000 cars drive on highway 85 every day. live in south san jose. nb bay area news. >> that is oolts of traffic. scarey moments as a tanker truck burst into flames in central valley. ufrlts killing the driver. i want to show you cell phone video shot by employee of nearby panda express. off highway 99 in merced county. you can see the smoke billowing from the site. the truck was going too fast. hit a concrete divider tipped over and spilled fuel then caught fire. firefighters say the truck was carrying 9,000 gallons of gas on
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a delivery, by the way, to a gas station. >> age a yana airlines is responding. video surfaced of a confrontation onboard a flight involving a san francisco man with a prosthetic leg. >> your leg is functional. >> you cannot prove my leg is functional. >> if you want to show me i don't know how to show. >> we first aired the story last night. tim seward says he was asked to move because of his prosthetic leg. the airlines says it had no intention to make the passenger uncomfortable and airlines reserve the right to judge whether the passenger would be able to perform the required safety procedures in the case of an emergency. >> heartless and morally bankrupt that's how an east bay democrat is summing up the president's budget. barbara lee talked to us from washington. she says cuts will hurt her
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district particularly hard. she says she is saving the harshest criminals for the tax cuts which she says won't help taxpayers at all. >> he saying for the million air and billionaires what he is doing is cutting budgets they rely on at the expense of daily lives, living standards and putting it into the pockets of the very wealth. >> as a member of the powerful house apprehensions committee lee has already held several meetings and will have more scheduled this week to discuss the president's budget. >> okay how about we turn attention to the memorial day weekend forecast. as we slowly approach the three-day weekend. >> i think it's going to cooperate with any plans you have here across the bay area not only for saturday and sunday but into the mechanics monday. >> a live look right now outside at mounen deebl o and the
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hottest tufrmts most recently has been across the east bay. concord hit a high of 90 today. down from the upper 90s we had yesterday. but you can see how far off the mark it is. average temperature this time of year in concord should be at 78 kriegs. getting close her to the 78 heading throughout tomorrow. let's look at the forecasts with numbers dropping right near average here in concord and 79 degrees. san jose 78. san francisco 63 and morgan hill looking at 76. on the extended forecast the thing you'll notice here is the cloud cover increasing even for the sbroor valhallas on the wednesday forecast pfrmt partly sunny skies. even though temperatures down do expect the clouds screaming across. by thursday the chance here of spotty drizzling in the morning back towards the interior valleys. then clear out for friday, saturday, sunday and also into memorial day. temperatures not getting too hot. with a mix of 70s and 80s. if you're looking for something
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to do for the weekend maybe in san francisco. carney value happening. mix of fog and also sun. then for memorial day looking for a way to commemorate troops. head out the presid owe also mix of temperatures and also fog. >> my next full update coming up at 6:48. >> we'll see you shortly thanks jeff. >> still to come president trump continuing first official overseas trip pap back home new allegations he tried oh interfere in the russia investigation. our political analyst larry gerston joins us next.
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internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. a woman is arrested for an alleged bank robbery this happening on the home page a woman airtimed for alleged bank robbery this morning in dan value. police say she wore a painted on beard when she walked in the bank of the west and handed a tellary note demanding money. the body of a missing santa rosa woman found on a steep ravine. indications are she slipped and fell. what you see right now is video
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from rome. this is the 50-car convoy carrying president trump, his wife melania, what you're looking at right now is the video pr from roam a 50-car convoy huss his wife melania ivanka and son-in-law jared kushner. spending the night at the home of the u.s. ambassador to italy. tomorrow he will meets with pope
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for instancis back home more bad news for president trump. the "washington post" reporting he asked the to push back against fbi probe into the trump campaign and russian operatives. >> our nbc bay area political analyst joins us now seems like every three hours we have something new what do we make of the latest developments. >> it's a matter of perspective. if you look at these alone, you know the intelligence director, the national intelligence director, fine maybe it's a mistake. maybe it's a miscommunication who knows. you add that to sally yates getting fired, the acting attorney general, comey firing, add that to the u.s. attorney in manhattan allegedly investigating trumps affairs there. you've got a whole bunch much you wonder is there some sort of issue here? constitutional issue? impeachment issue. >> right and that brings him to the issue of impeachment. that is often -- obstruction of
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justice can be an impeachable offense. so are we actually headed down that road with this? is this how much trouble trump is in at this point. >> you got to separate the wheat from the chaff. there are some people who think he should be impeached because he never shared taxes. other people say he should be impeached because he changed his mind on things like medicare and health care and all the other issues. everybody would get it everybody is not. are those impeachable issues then other people say the firing of the people. not coincidental maybe that's impeachable. it depends who you ask as to whether these things are impeachable. because remember to impeach means you're talking about a high crime or misdemeanor. >> it's a sexy word gets a lot of attention. a big word. the senate controlled by the republicans house is controlled by republicans. this isn't happening in theory in if you had to bet a dollar. >> no it's not going to happen frankly it shouldn't happen yet. we've got work to do here. even the news accounts leave one to ask well really are they
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true? for example, they stay comey had the memos. how do they know that? comey's friends told them. they say someone are read a letter from the trump mess with the russians saying there it is he told them about highly classified issue? did anybody see that see the comey memo. ? we hear the things they're corroborated we don't have the evidence. when you're talking about impeachment, the highest of all issues when it comes to dependencing with somebody and elected offers you better have your ducks in order. >> and this brings us to the investigations. there seem to be a multitude of investigations running concurrently. it's hard to even keep track of the number of investigations. where are those going to lead to? >> we don't know but the fact of the matter is that there are the investigations it is what what's most important all the people worried about impeachment there is plenty of time plenty of time to get up dander and say it's time for the president to go put the guy on trial. but first of all you've got to have hard information. that's why the fbi is moving
6:27 pm
forward thanks to robert mueller that's why the two committees in the house and in the senate are moving forward. that's why the judiciary committee is moving forward. the more eyes on the things the more ways you can look at it the more you can get to the bottom of it. right now it should not be a question whether this person should be impeached. routes right now it's a question of getting the answers. >> so many moving parts thank you for the update we'll have another update tomorrow thank you larry. >> back with more in a moment. 24 hours later...the heartache
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and shock continues.
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the cy right now at 6:30, 24 hours later, the heart ache and shock continues. the city of manchester trying to recovery as the world watches with sorrow. the terror attack killing 22 people including children. pop star ariana grande has suspended her world tour back in the home state of florida. but the investigation is intensifying in england. >> nbc's jay gray is outside the outside the manafort arena with the investigation and really a community honoring the people it lost. >> reporter: yeah, jessica you're absolutely right. good to talk to you. the area around the arena still locked down overnight as the investigation continues here. isis has claimed responsibility. police saying they're not there yet. they're continuing to look into that. they want to know if fwoos a lone wolf act err or others helps oud. that while the city in mourning continues to honor those lost.
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thousands gather in the center much manchester city. drawn here by the loss and resolve. >> the people of manchester will remember the victims forever. >> the images and sounds so different than the night before. an explosion outside the manchester arena. followed by chaos. >> everyone just started running people screaming and crying. and we just up the stairs to the exit. >> near one of the exits where the suicide bomber now identified as 22-year-old salman abedi launched his attack as the concert was ending. at least 22 people killed more than 50 wounded. among the victims children one as young as 8 years old. in the panic following the blast parents scrambled to find their children. >> i need my daughter home. i need to know where she is. >> investigators say abedi was born and raised in britain and well-known to authorities. police have arrested his
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23-year-old brother as the search for evidence and answers continues. >> the work undertaken throughout the day has revealed that it is a possibility we cannot ignore that there is a wider group of individuals linked to this attack. >> that information has prompted the prime minister to announce the threat level has been raised to critical. it's highest level. >> this means their a assessment is not only an attack remains highly likely but that a further attack may be imminent. >> a country mourning but on edge tonight. yeah a couple of things to look into here tonight. first that raising of the terror threat level to critical. that also triggers a response from the military here. they'll get help from military on the ground helping police as the investigation continues. with the investigation, sources say when the explosion happened there wasn't a lot of smoke. what that means is that the trigger mechanism was likely homemade not black powder.
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that would kate the chemicals were used. the lab should be able to trace chemicals give them better idea of origin of the attack. just some things they're working on. >> thank you for the reporting from manchester. we'll see you later on. we are looking live at a picture from new york city. the empire state building remaining dark this evening in honor of the lives lost in england. and the loved ones. and everyone impacted here. the eiffel tower in paris has gone dark in solidarity. >> as you heard jay say even though isis is taking responsibility for the manchester attack, a counterterrorism expert believes the group didn't orchestrate the bombing. former sfr fbi agent says the mo appears to be more isis inspired than isis directed. one lone wolf instead of a coordinated attack with multiple targets. he also says isis typically does not target a venue filled with children because it does not win
6:34 pm
over supporters. >> they're battling for future recruits. any way you cut this killing young children in such a way really will lead to harming your recruitment pipeline not helping it. >> now watts says security personnel at big concerts and supporting events should work on crowd control by reducing bottle next at entrances and exits so there will be lessen tiesing to terrorists. we have much more on this terror investigation on the website, of course also updating the digital platform 24/7. >> new details in the investigation into a bomb threats at at san francisco school. sf p. d. says a teacher assistant was behind it all poobl munoz of south san francisco work at le port monstersy. administrators say they are shocked at the nows munoz is on leave. munoz left threatening voice mails at the skoolts on two oksaing st. both times the campus was
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evacuated but no device found. when you face criminal charges in court you get an attorney even if you can't afford one. >> but that doesn't apply to grimes court that can make a big difference. senior investigative reporter stephen stocks has the story of one u.s. veteran set to be deported until a lawyer got involved. >> exactly right raj as you heard mark matthews report having a lawyer makes all the difference. we've been reporting on this for years. now san francisco defense -- defenders are actually offering their services. we found immigration court data that shows someone who has a lawyer is five times more likely to stay in this country to win in court than someone without an attorney. earliery this year we also told you that the government can deport any noncitizen even honorably zmarjd veterans for commit ago crime where the punishment is a year in prison or longer. that policy came into play here in san francisco in the case of a navy veteran separated from his family for four years.
6:36 pm
jauquin sotelo served on a navy battleship during operation enduring freedom. but this is the battle of his life. >> i want to make my family proud. >> sotelo is waiting to reunite with his children, a family he hasn't seen in years all because of the legal nightmare he became caught up in after being honorable dmarjd from the navy. >> once you serve the country you assumed that this country is going to look out for you. and the system, it has failed. >> when he was 19 sotelo met with a navy recruiter who assured him he would become a u.s. citizen by signing up. >> he was promising him a lot of stuff. >> his sister remembers. >> money for school, traveling. training in the navy. in and his citizenship. >> after 911 sotelo went to serve in the persian gulf. >> there are mines in the water, doubtful whether you were coming back home or not. >> at the time sotelo thought he became a citizen when then
6:37 pm
president george w. bush issued executive order authorizing all noncitizens in the military to apply for u.s. citizenship. >> you went and filled out paperwork and they told you you were already a citizen? >> yes be, zbrier. >> typed in things in the computer and said you're a citizen. >> that's what appeared in my record. >> you believed you were a citizen. >> i still believe i'm a citizen. >> but he wasn't. and under u.s. law he later faced deportation back to mexico after he was convicted and served time for drug possession and domestic abuse. >> we separate veterans from families that's what we're doing. >> our investigation found more than 300 other veterans who served honorable and for the into legal trouble after military service. the vet served prison time for what's known as aggravate gratified felonies that can include minor crimes drug poksz, petty theft and failure to show up in court. >> he could have been sport
6:38 pm
deported that day. >> etan knewman intervened only days before he was scheduled to be deported without ever seeing his children. >> immigration laws are incredibly complex. the system is set up really to fail people who don't have attorneys. >> that's how inof finding himself in a country that he barely remembers jauquin sotelo reunited with his children. children whom he hadn't seen during four years of legal back and forth. even show the possibility that he could still be deported hangs over him constantly. >> every step i take depends on the deportation. it's like a cancer you know it's hunting me. >> according to syracuse university record transactions record clearing house last year 96 perfection of all people seeking asylum without an attorney in u.s. griming court more than half with an attorney succeeded. >> it's extremely difficult to do it without an experienced immigration lawyer.
6:39 pm
>> judge dana lee marks served as immigration court judge since the 1980s she spoke to us as union president with the national association of griming judges. >> the law ties the hands of the judges in many situations if? if they served honorably in the military that would be a strong discretionary factor. >> you don't have that discretion in almost all cases. >> if it's gratified felony we don't. >> is this fair. >> i don't think so. i think this is a post-er child with for why the immigration system is so broken. the fact his service to the country means nothing in immigration court. >> while grateful that he found legal help where so many others have not, jauquin sotelo knows under current policy he could still be separated from the family he holds so deer process. >> i am a united states veteran. >> which is why he speaks out hoping for change in washington. >> he wall all dev a second opportunities and we all deserve to get our process of immigration done in the road to
6:40 pm
citizenship. why not? that's what america is all about. >> now after the first series of stories ran several congressmen introduced bills in the u.s. congress on capitol hill that would change the rules and allow u.s. veterans who have been deported to return to this country. we asked officials with the department of homeland security and the u.s. navy both to talk to us about this deportation policy. but neither got bach to us. if you want to learn more see the earlier stories just go to the website. investigate. >> and we know you'll keep asking the questions. >> you becha we're staying on it. >> thank you stephen. >> if you have a tip for stephen you'd like to reach out give him a call at 1-888-996-tips or you can send email to the unit at >> jeff ranieri back with us crunching numbers in the weather office i know you are what's the. >> it's dropping and fast. check it out anywhere from 5 to 12 degrees colder this hour. i'll talk about how low the
6:41 pm
temps go in about five minutes. we; )re followjng some breaking
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6:44 pm
news -- involving a san francisco-bound flight. we )re hearing reports of well following some breaking news on the east coast but it involves a flight bound for san francisco. we're hearing reports of passengers being evacuated on the tar mack because some sort of emergency. this is happening at the newark international airport just outside of new york city. the united airlines flight was supposed to take off an hour ag to sfo the plane taxied to runway but stopped about 100 people evacuated right onto the to your oh tar mack right now it's not clear what the emergency was or still is. the faa has issued a ground stop at newark airport. nbc bay area responds to single the paid thousands of dollars to local match maker claimed to know the dating zblaen they feel duped and want money back. chris chmura.
6:45 pm
our investigator. >> they believed a local match maker services were personal and local. but they say that's not what they experienced mar where a pairn paid $8,000 to silicon valley match makers after hearing success stories. >> they linked up so many people, so many success stories. they showed me a few of them. you know people that have gotten married through the site. >> 14 months later maria said she has had four dates all bad. we heard from a dozen other consumers with similar complaints about this match maker and other local match makers that it turns out are all owned by the same person. a company executive says it is living up to contract. >> yet one of the complaints you get over and over again is that they were promised some different schedule of match making than what they literally just shl initially were give zbloon tonight at 11:00 what exactly did the singles sign up for? and where are the supposedly local match makers located?
6:46 pm
plus advice from a law professor for anyone hiring a professional with help for services as subjective as finding love. if you have a consumer complaint please let us know. the number is 1-888-996-tips. or log onto i'll see you at 11:00. >> see you then chang. this year record snow meant booming business for the ski resorts. some able to stay hope through july 4th. another windfall a few years down the road they're getting ready for squaw valley is hosting a joint training camp for the ski frers united states and china. 2022 winter games held in china and the country is focusing on become ago winter sports por powerhouse. the squaw wants the business. the the past weekend they renamed one of their runs secret garden after the partner resort in china. >> six times the number of skiers will be developed in
6:47 pm
china over the next five years than developed over the past four decades in north america. >> squaw and other lake tahoe resorts think they're well situated because of the number of daily flights in the bay area. >> the winter olympics in mcin 2022 but the next winter olympic ten months in south korea. >> then summer games in tokyo. >> coming up so fast. >> yes. >> how you doing jeff. >> doing good in the bay area. major heat is over in the bay area just a continual drop in the temperatures. >> and some big time relief if you suffer from asthma or respiratory problems the air quality is a lot better tomorrow. everybody in the good category, so no spare the air day. the mean reason why we're getting cleaner air across the
6:48 pm
bay area is that fog building up. that is the number one thing that cools us down over the next 24 hours. but a second component keeps temperatures into thursday's forecast. the storm system will be tracking off to the north. overall another 10 to 20 degree dromg coming. as we head tomorrow morning clouds more so increase for the peninsula possibly drizzle. low includes back to the tri valley and 59. mist and for long in san francisco with 51 overcast condition for the north bay and east bay. future cast wg tracking the surge of moisture from the south again. produce drizzle the morning hours. the but the biggest change for the afternoon pch high clouds on the increase north bait, east bay and south bay. not nearly at sunny as we head throughout or wednesday forecast. as we get a look down here in the ugt south bay 70s instead of 80s np east bay no more 90s.
6:49 pm
huge drop. antioch down to 79. conning cord 79. hayward 71. peninsula 76 in palo alto. san mateo 69. 63 along the embarcadero. overcast condition in the afternoon for north bay at 73 process smoema. on the extended forecast we keep these low clouds and fog in san francisco. pretty strong the next two days. then we'll clear out saturday, sunday and into memorial day. and we'll see temperatures remaining in the 60s over the next seven days. the inland valleys yes, that ocean ac is back and to stay after more 90s today. we're down to that average of 81 tomorrow. partly sunny sky, watch out for drizzle thursday morning. but then it is smooth sailing or the memorial day weekend saturday, sunday and monday upper 70s to low 80s, in is a a lot better than last weekend. vrm i just shoved the hot air to
6:50 pm
last weekend and things work out nice this weekend. >> you evened it out this week. >> saved it for the three-day weekend. >> trying to playbook you happy. >> you always do. >> okay warriors back home with a new trophy but not the trophy they want. we're hearing from the players next. some bling.
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
the warriors returned home to oakland international okay nothing like a 3:00 a.m. arrival with some bling.
6:54 pm
the warriors returning home to oakland international with the shiny new trophy. . as you probably saw they swept the spurs to win the conference title but they don't want the title. they want the nba title. >> the big one. >> the big trophy. >> among the questions moving forward is will steve kerr about along for the finals ride. colin resch has the answer who unlike the warrior is still in san antonio. >> here with sam amick nba reporter for the usa today. sam series sweep now 12-0 any sprois to you they're there dominant. >> 12-0 has not happened in the nba since the format change back in 2003. just the number alone if you go 123-0 if you go got a 12 game winning streak in neg naes impressive. >> we saw steve kerr for the series. obviously emotional for him. you saw him after the win. he wants to be part a part of it but also kind of in the back. >> right.
6:55 pm
>> what do you foresee happening in the next ten days as we get to the finals? do you see him coming more to the forefront or is this going to continue. >> i mean it sounds like warriors pr man ray ritter where you sit here just saying it's fluid which don't know. but that's the truth. no pun intended. this situation with that spinal fluid wreaking havoc on his brd has been challenging. having been around the team a lot during the last two days this series and in the playoffs, he clearly has good days and bad days. the other day at practice he was chat wg a few of us in the mid-sentence he put his hand on his head he was having a moment where his head hurt. tough stuff. i do know that there is some hope that maybe he can coach in the finals. it's not necessarily optimism. but nobody is completely ruling it out. and i think even mike brown himself is certainly routing for him. as much fun as he is having although losing sleep these days he would love nothing more than
6:56 pm
for steve to be happy and health enough to coach. >> the sam am ig, signing off here from san antonio. nba finals ten days away starts in oakland. >> okay thank you colin. >> well update now you on the breaking news we told you about a few minutes. the united airlines flight headed for san francisco about 100 passengers were evacuated right onto to the tar mack at newark international airport one of the three major airports sevz new york city we got video in via twitter. also spoke to a peerng onboard says they were waiting when the pilot announced they had to evacuate. the emergency slide came down opinion the passenger also tells us that the pilot said there may have been an engine fire. the faa has issued a ground stop at newark airport because of the emergency that ground stop remains in effect at this hour. we'll continue to follow the news through the zbleeng of course full coverage tonight at 11:00. that's it for us. hope to see you then.
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7:00 pm
the first photos after the terrorist bombing at her concert. >> now on "extra". ♪ extra, extra ariana grande reunited with her family. her emotional homecoming hours after saying she's broken over the terror attacks. then katy perry, salma hayek, james corden, the stars sound off. >> this is not what the world should be. >> why the tragedy hit close to home for salma. >> then katy perry finally goes there about her feud with taylor swift. >> she started it. >> her new interview that just ratcheted things up even more. >> karma. our last visit with 007 roger moore. >> is it too early for a


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